Friday, June 8, 2012

No fridges here!

I never seem to find any fridges!  I only have one in all my collection.  Today I took some stuff to donate to the Goodwill and of course had to stop in and look around.  They were in the middle of a big remodel and all of the stuff was in big  bins all jumbled up and in no order. I almost just walked out but spied this bowl.  It didn't look like Pyrex.  But it says Pyrex  England on the bottom.  I looked it up and there are alot of them on Ebay. I am glad I found it in all the mess.  Now if I could just find some fridges!!


  1. This piece has been sitting at my local goodwill for some time now, but I haven't let myself buy it yet. I think its the first piece of English Pyrex that I like, very pretty, nice find!

  2. Hi Marilyn. Too funny. You said the Goodwill remodel and I thought, "I wonder if she was at the Marysville WA's a mess of bins right now, and I saw that dish but left it." How weird! I live in Arlington and frequent that Goodwill often. We should tell each other what we are looking for and trade:) I have a Pink daisy 1 1/2 quart casserole right now that I am either selling or trading. Glad to see a Pyrexian in town :) Stacey