Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gifts and thrifts.

Last weekend my Mom went to our favorite antique/vintage shop without me. But...she brought me presents!

$3 Gooseberry Fridgie.

$3 BG mixing bowl

$11 443 BG cinderella bowl

They had a lot more Pyrex there and she called me every time she spotted something ( the place is huge ). I didn't want her to spend too much. I think I'm going to make Hubby take me for my birthday. lol

I got these yesterday for $8

 I wasn't expecting the BG2 bowls to be there, they were in the bigger one in the picture so that was a surprise but not a unpleasant one, I want to collect both sets anyways. They were really nice and let me come the day before the sale because I wasn't available when it started ( 7am ). I asked her if she had any more Pyrex and she said no...then...I spotted THIS:

 I made a noise I'm not proud of when I spotted it. I got it for $3. I loved this piece, I've only seen it in pictures before. I love art nouveau in general (Mucha is my art god ) so this was kind of a dream come true.

I got the autumn harvest bowl at GW for $1.99 It was over priced ( for me ) and not in great shape...but I just had to have it. I love, love, love these bowls.

Good luck Pyrex hunting everyone!

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  1. Great finds! Autumn Harvest is one of my faves!