Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lots of Stuff

OK, this really should be several posts.  I have a running list of stuff!  First, a question.  I'm curious how many collectors are also into cooking or baking?  It seems that most of us enjoy I'm just curious.  It makes sense that if you collect kitchen stuff, you like being in the kitchen.

Next, I came up with a new table arrangement with my Pyrex.  I thrifted mint condition vintage pillow cases and made them into a table runner.  This is what I came up with!

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I put Rosemary and Violas in the fridgies

I visited my friend Jamie's new Old kitchen.  She had some great Pyrex displays

And finally... some recent finds from Goodwill

I've been wanting one of these!  So excited to find it for $4.  I wish it had a lid.

Thrifted the minty divided dish with lid of the Town and Country for $5.  My first divided dish and my first of that pattern.

Sheww!  That's It!

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  1. Fun Finds Stacey! :) And to answer your question, yes, I love baking and cooking, and overall love the way I can store then serve leftovers from the pyrex. :)

  2. Yes, I love kitchen-ing, too! Baking, cooking, canning--basically making as many things from scratch as possible! Also, I don't have a microwave so I love the ease of using my pieces to store leftovers & then reheat in my oven. (Or, at least, that's what I tell myself when justifying my rather large collection!)

    1. I don't have a microwave either. sooooo freeing!

    2. I don't own a microwave either! My oven suffices for me! :)

  3. I love cooking. But I love pie most of all. All my pyrex gets used.

  4. I, too, love baking with my pyrex! That's what it was made for! Great finds!

  5. I love cooking with my Pyrex!

    I get frustrated when I try to cook in my mom's kitchen and she only has 4 mixing bowls (a primary set I gave her for Christmas a couple years ago). 4!!! How can you survive with only 1 size of each bowl!?! Not to mention her lack of casserole options...

    I blog about how much I love cooking in my Pyrex here:

  6. Wow! I am most excited that so many of you don't own a microwave. I thought I was a freak. Ours broke when we were newly weds and 21 years later, still no microwave. Glad to know the Pyrex gets used :)