Saturday, June 9, 2012

If I Had a Dollar for Every Piece of Clear and Faded Pyrex I've Seen This Week...

Thrift shopping this week has been major deja vu each time I walk into a store. I drop my son at school, drive to the farthest thrift store first, walk in the door and straight to the Housewares section, scan the shelves only to see umpteen pieces of clear Pyrex mingled with what would be some stellar pieces except for the fact that they are almost faded beyond recognition, curse the person who invented dishwashers (I don't even have one in my house because my 1944 house has not been updated), and head to the next store. Some of the pieces that broke my heart this week are: a yellow dot 402 that I almost could have passed off as the elusive gray dot on eBay, a faded turquoise 024, an entire set of faded Daisy serve and stores, and, my nemesis, the faded 444 Daisy. The only clear piece that I did like was an oval casserole with an etching on the lid of a Dutch woman with a goose and a windmill on the other side and the knob of the lid had a chunk missing from it. This better not be a Pyrex bummer summer.
Estate Sale Finds
I did find some things I liked this week. At Value Village, I found a minty double boiler that looked like it had never been used. Now I have a blue tint one with the more bulbous base and a newer one. Value Village also totally knocked my socks off with a Cathrineholm orange and white nine and a half inch bowl for $2.99. Now I've been bit by that bug too but it seems those are even more elusive then good Pyrex. I'm going to consider it a fluke. I did see a local estate sale coming up with another Cathrineholm piece but I'm not sure I want to get up at 5 a.m. to try and get it. I was very disappointed yesterday when I saw had a bowl on it. I thought it would take them longer to figure that out since the bowls aren't permanently stamped. Bummer. I also did find a cute Daisy 471 to go with a lid I found awhile ago. Oddly, several of casseroles at GW said 'x2' and the lids were gone. That is another thrift store pet peeve of mine - it says there are two or more pieces and the pieces are gone. Some stores seems to tape them together and some do not.

The majority of my Pyrex influx these last two weeks have been from my rock star sister-in-law who hunts for me about two and half hours north of here. She netted me a Bride's Casserole, Crazy Quilt (sans lid), black and white Gooseberry 401, two Butterprint Serve and Stores, a yellow 403, and an odd red/brown 402. She also found me a blue/gold casserole that I'd been wanting because it's the closest to teal that Pyrex has and, as an Ovarian Cancer survivor, teal is my cancer's color. That's my excuse for buying Turquoise too though!
1958 Better Homes & Garden Advertisement
One more fun 'find' I had this week was a small advertisement that I saw while flipping through some old Better Homes and Gardens that I picked up at an estate sale. It shows what I see most people referring to as "Black with Music Staff" with the original items the piece came with. It came with a matching carafe and a hot plate that could hold both pieces. Has anyone ever seen it with all the pieces or have most people only found it by itself? It would be fun to get them altogether as they originally were. In the box would be awesome!  



  1. I am coveting your crazy quilt. I just got the lid, but I have no dish. :(

  2. I've seen a ton of clear Pyrex as well.

  3. Lucky! I have never found any Catherineholm in the wild! Good to grab it cheap when you can before VV catches on, and jacks up the price on any ole piece, just like they do with Pyrex now!

    I've found nothing but clear and sad, sad, faded and dish-washered pieces lately either! Hope it picks up for all us addicts soon!!

  4. Every time I see a faded piece of Pyrex, my heart breaks a little. I've been finding it a lot lately - I feel your pain.