Friday, June 15, 2012

When the going gets tough, the tough get Pyrex

Ok, so that may be corny. But, truly, this week has been very stressful! I have a huge and sudden exam on Monday (this quick blog is my only break in a 12 hr study session), my laptop fried (won't even turn on!!), and I'll be missing most of the father's day activities & my boyfriend's birthday because I'll be studying. It's a lot of pressure... and I hate having to miss out.

So, I had to regroup. Harmony Bay Rainforest Alliance is my favorite coffee (but I can no longer find it in Syracuse NY). So? Make anything else strong- as long as I put it in my cute pyrex teacup, it'll be ok!

Studying + Turquoise Pyrex Coffee Break = Motivated

Now if only that equation was on the exam....

Belle of the Blog

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