Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Pretty Good Pyrex Weekend

I went to an Estate Sale on Saturday and picked up the Citrus yellow bowl for 50 cents.  I was excited...there wasn't anything else worth looking at, so my husband was not.  Then, we ended up at a Goodwill where I found the matching square dish (I'm thrilled, I wanted a "brownie" pan) and the large Town and Country Bowl.  I NEVER find the largest bowl of either the mixing or Cinderella bowls, so that was fun.  Then, on Monday...hubby and I did the major thrifting rounds.  There was NOTHING.  My husband spotted one Cinderella bowl that was the largest size, but not one I wanted.  In the car on the way to the last thrift store I said, "I wish the bowl you would have found was the Spring Blossom largest bowl since I need that to complete my set".  They are my "Go to"  bowls that I use everyday in GF baking, etc.  I have all but the last bowl, matching.  What do you know, at the last Goodwill hubby pulls out the exact bowl!  What are the odds?  And to find 3 of the largest size in one weekend after never spotting them!  See more of my finds and Vintage goodies at www.gfpastorswife.blogspot.com and on FB page (Vintage Values, Modern Times)   Stacey Johnson Here's the goods:

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  1. super jealous of that yellow square dish........