Tuesday, June 5, 2012

my first set?

is it possible that i've had my very own set of primary mixing bowls for months without even realizing it? several months back, i had bought a beautiful well-cared-for red 402 mixing bowl and when i brought it home, it perfectly matched the red from the friendship bird collection so, i stacked it with those similar dishes.

but, now, after reading several recent posts about the primary mixing bowl collections, i think that this red bowl just may belong in that set. if that is the case (please do correct me if i'm mistaken), then i think i have my first set!

they are all well-loved bowls and not all in mint-condition but they do certainly make me happy! and, since they stack well and fit together so nicely i really do believe that this could be it: my first set.

what do you think? can it be so? :)

lauren @ twin oaks place