Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recent Gems, including some Promos!

Hello fellow Collective readers! I'm Brittany and I blog about my decor, DIY projects, and love of thrifting and antiquing over at From Mizzou to Missoula. I've been lurking here (and on the first two blogs) for a few months as my Pyrex addiction collection has steadily grown. I bought my first pieces of Pyrex (a Butterprint casserole #472 and Cinderella bowl #443, last fall, but the bug really bit me come spring. Since then I've accrued a collection in Montana (where I live in the school year), and now many more in Missouri (my home state & where I'm living for the summer--so many weddings to attend here!)

There's definitely more Pyrex to be found in the Kansas City area where I hail from, so I've bought  a lot these past three weeks. Luckily, my husband totally supports my Pyrex addiction, probably because he knows the dishes are so well made. He likes to jokingly give the patterns nicknames (Shenandoah is "Ugly Bean," for example), but when we're going through antique malls he always stops me if I miss the Pyrex! Once I was on the phone as we were shopping and helped me find a minty $6 Town & Country Cinderella bowl (I'm a sucker for the brown and pale orange combo!)

Anyway, here are the finds I have to share for today:

Where to begin! I found the Shenandoah (or "Ugly Bean," $5) and Town & Country ($5) 1 quart casseroles along with the Autumn Harvest 443 ($6) and Saxony ($8) at a little antique store in Gardner, KS that I like to call Pyrex heaven. Excuse the blurry picture below--I tried to capture the glory of the place on my phone and failed. But just imagine four giant bookshelves of Pyrex in every shape, pattern, and size!

The Trailing Flowers #475 with lid was acquired at KC's Brass Armadillo for $6. I got the Snowflake #043 for $6 at an antique store in Columbia, MO, along with all of the Butterprint fridgies! I actually found three of the pieces (the #501s for $4 apiece and the #502 for $6) in one booth, then spied the #503 hiding in another vendor's shelves for $9! I couldn't resist snatching it up to complete my set in record time! 

The Garden Medley Bake n Store was purchased at the same antique mall for $10. Normally that price would be a little steep for me, but I love the cheery yellow color (it matches my kitchen so well!), have dreams of collecting every promotional casserole that I love, and plus the seller had mistakenly paired the Garden Medley with the Zodiac casserole's lid! I have dreams of collecting all the casseroles with decorated glass lids (hello, Spirograph and Friendship and Daisy!)

Speaking of promotional casseroles, I got this minty 2.5 quart casserole at the River Market Antique Mall in Kansas City for $8. I just love the large oval casseroles--they can fit so much food in them! This pattern isn't on Pyrex Love, but according to a commenter on the original collective, it's the #302 2.5 qt Golden Casserole from 1959. Score!

Last up in dishes, I got another 2.5 casserole sans lid from Kris at Pyrex Collective 2 during her Pyrex liquidation. The divided Square Flowers was also picked up on my recent trip to mid-Missouri for $6. I love the divided casseroles--I also have a Golden Wheat and a Town & Country (brown).

Finally, while shopping at the Goodwill Outlet (where glass is $0.49/lb!) I nabbed a collection of Pyrex lids that have sadly been torn from their original dishes. I love casseroles, so I anticipate needing the 1 quart lid when I find a lidless gem. I audibly gasped when I saw the "old" fridgie dish lids, then searched in vain for their dishes. (If only!) It's not a full set of lids--there are two #502s and only one #501--but I had to take them with me!

Right now I have a sort of eclectic collection going--I just love bright colors and fun patterns, so I'm not limiting myself to one color scheme or type of dish. If it's a color/pattern I love or don't have yet and the price and quality are right, I generally buy the piece! Eventually though, I will probably pare down my collection and just stick to casseroles--I use them more than my mixing bowls.(Except I don't think I'll ever be able to part with my Buterprint fridgies!) It's sad to think that I won't be taking these new dishes back with me to Montana--since we're moving back to Missouri next spring, it wouldn't make much since to haul them up come August. But all will be right when my two collections are united!


  1. I just commented on your blog, great to see another KC Pyrex addict! I actually just stopped in KC's Brass Armadillo this morning to get booth information - how funny! :)

    1. Your blog is adorable! Now I want to whip up some cupcakes. Brass Armadillo is one of my favorite antique stores around here! There are a few drool-worthy Pyrex displays in there...some a little too pricey, of course!

    2. Oh I know - did you see a booth with a complete set of turquoise butterprint for $100?! That's my mother's friend's booth. I told her that was absolutely insane and she said someone will pay that. Not I! Haha!

  2. Wow! Those are some great prices for antique store pieces! It's not like that in MN! Great Job! I'll be out hunting for my Pyrex at the flea markets this weekend!

  3. wow! so many nice, reasonably priced finds! lucky you!!

  4. I am your newest follower! I might have Pyrex questions for you too :-)

  5. I had that Golden Casserole Promo piece for a while. It originally came with a candle warmer and stand. I posted about it on my blog, you can see a picture here: