Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recent Finds

Hi all, it still has been a "dry" around these parts. However, I did go on vacation in Florida and had some luck. Upon arriving my Mom had a few boxes of goodies for me, and throughout the week I found some fun pieces. I am excited to make room for these new additions and give them some good use! I've posted some photos, some have other finds in them some don't. Don't mind those. Thanks for looking.


Gifts from a friend, what a lucky girl I am!

Florida bounty, Now how to get it home!

So excited to find this litltle guy.

Going through the goods Mom and Dad found for me!

All of this was $6.. Sweet!

This for $2? I'll take it.

Some gorgeous mugs found.

Picked up at an estate sale for $5!! My sister in law has an excellent eye, and again I am lucky to have some amazing people who look out for great deals for me! There are some Federal bowls, and a jadeite Fire King bowl in there also. No complaints here.

Late night fun, trying to arrange all my Pyrex.

Happy Hunting everyone!!


  1. Good luck getting all of that home! My mom hunts for Pyrex for me, too :) Looks like you got a lot of goodies!

  2. That's a whole collection right there!! Lucky you!!

  3. Great collection! I love love your little jadeite bowl and, of course, all your Pyrex! :)

  4. The English Pyrex with the high-domed clear lid is absolutely the correct combination. It's a chicken roaster.

    1. Even though it doesn't fit properly? I'm going to pull it out and check it out again

    2. You're right, I pulled it out and then checked online. I thought it was at first but my husband insisted it was two separate pieces. Thanks for your help!