Thursday, June 28, 2012

Massive amounts of Pyrex in Action.

A few weeks ago, for father's day, I got to use a massive amount of Pyrex. We had Thanksgiving in June. I had a turkey and it needed to be ate.

 Spring Blossom Lasagna Pan.  Craigslist $10
 Red & Yellow Hostess
Butterfly Gold, Butterprint & Spring Blossom

Somedays I cook just to use all my pretty Pyrex.

I love that lasagna pan, drove 45 minutes to get it. So worth it. 

~Katie @ treasuresmyhh


  1. Yummy spread! I am coveting your lasagna pan! Have wanted one just like it forever! Someday!!!

  2. I love the Lasagna pan! I want that exact one! :)

  3. Very fun, Thanksgiving in June! Cute collection :)