Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little Casseroles and Hearts

So, I've been looking at these little mini casseroles that look like "Verde" at a local Senior thrift shop for months. They ALWAYS jacks the price way up.  Someone told them that people like Pyrex and there is actually a "Tree of Life" (I think that's it) on a cradle for $40.00.  It has been there for 4 months, and will continue to be there, I'm sure.  Well, the casseroles were marked $4 each, but on this day the white tags (most collectors items) were 1/2 off.  The thing is, they also said "ND", which I knew meant they weren't supposed to be 1/2 off.  HOWEVER, I knew the lady working that day.  She's from the church were my husband is the Pastor.  (That can come in handy sometimes :)  I got up to the counter and she said, "Oh!  White tags, half off!"  Then, "Oh!, No Discount!"  She looked around for a moment and then said, "I'll just give it to you for half.  YES!

Then, Hubby and my 13 year old daughter and I stopped at the Marysville Goodwill on the way home from something.  It's driving me crazy because they are remodeling, and ALL the dishes are in bins laying everywhere.  First, I feel like I'm digging in a hoarders house and it makes me anxious.  Second, the stuff gets broken all piled up, and it's hard to see.  There I am, trying to dig, and I look down the row to see my husband pulling out a piece of Pyrex for my inspection.  He is awesome at spotting stuff.  As he pulls it up, I see that it's Golden Hearts, one of the promotionals that is on my list to search for.  I jump and run over to him like a child yelling, "Hearts!  I can't believe it, you found Hearts!"  He jumps, I startle him so much.  Then my daughter starts in..."Mom, stop it, your a crazy person!"  And yes, I am...because he found HEARTS!!! I am a Valentine's Day fanatic, so I can't wait to come up with a creative use for it in February. Ideas?

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Found at Goodwill for $6.99, more than I normally pay, but worth it!


  1. I have the hearts, too! They're so cute! :) Hooray for great finds!