Sunday, June 3, 2012

Promotionals and Primary - Oh My!

It may have taken me two hundred miles, 5 hours in the car, and over a week, but my-oh-my do I have some Pyrex to share!  Amongst the highlights from the trip were these promotional casserole dishes:

If anyone has any information on the bottom pattern it would be greatly appreciated.  I can't seem to find much information on it anywhere aside from the fact that it was a promotional. 

I also was able to find the fridgies to round out my Amish blue butterprint set, YAY!  

You may be wondering about the spare red fridgie I purchased?  Well one day later my dad found a full primary set (sans one red fridgie) for a steal at $15.  It is now reunited and is a complete set.

The amazing thing about it?  This is just a small snippet of all the goodies from this past week.  Feel free to stop by my blog at to read the rest of my adventures. 

Also, did anyone else catch the Pyrex blue dots sitting pretty on the front cover of this month's Country Living?


  1. Boy you really did score! Your casseroles are so pretty! What fun to have a "mystery" piece that you can now research!
    I'm going to visit your blog!
    Erica :)

  2. The larger of your two new promotional pieces is called Lace Medallion. I'm not sure what year it is from but it is a beauty. Great Finds!

  3. Love the promo's and how cool about the dots bowl on Country of my favorite magazines.

    --Erin {}

  4. Nice pieces. Love how you displayed them on that cute ice cream parlor chair. I collected the refrigerator set piece by piece. Love those primary colors!

  5. Great pieces!!! Hope the newly found celebrity of pyrex on the cover wont boost interest more- want to still find pieces at a decent price!