Saturday, June 23, 2012

primary pyrex

It's been slow in the Pyrex department around here!

 I'm going nuts trying to find some goodies to rescue! Yardsales, thrift stores, antique malls - all dried up!

Yes, I know I have an's called Pyrexia.

If you're here looking at this post, then chances are you know what I'm talking about.

Primary Pyrex

I was lucky enough to snatch the Snowflake Garland 473 off the shelf at a thrift (the ONLY decent looking Pyrex I've seen at a thrift in a very long time), I adopted the red hostess from an antique mall (I can cross that one off my list!), and was gifted the Yellow Dots from my mommy (who thrifted it) for my birthday.

Lovely primary Pyrex

If you're bored, please visit my blog froog and doog to see what else I scored.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Yes, there hasn't been a single piece of Pyrex at any of my thrifts lately either! I've found a couple at flea markets, but it's slow-going! LOVE your yellow new dot!!!
    Good Luck, Erica

    1. I'm glad I'm not in the drought alone! Good luck to you, too.