Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gooseberry firsts!

I got my first gooseberry!

and I'm in love. Although not pink, like most here have fallen in love with, it is yellow. I love the yellow and black. Something about it just screams to me.

I also hopefully stopped Early American from following me at every thrift store I go to by buying one of them. Why is it that you thrift find an abundance of pattern you aren't looking for. Gah!!!!! You can see it here: treasuresmyhh


  1. So true! I find butterfly gold ALL the time! I try to collect only turquoise... But it's hard :) great find!

  2. haha Early American follows me everywhere! And I have NO interest in it. I saw your yellow and black Gooseberry at a garage sale last week, for $15! It was pretty scratched up...had to pass on it.
    Happy that you found a nice one! :)

  3. My grandmother had a piece like this. I love Pyrex and have many hand me down pieces that I treasure.

  4. I always seem to find Early American (one of my least fave patterns) - but this Gooseberry is fabulous!

  5. I remember when I found this exact bowl - was so excited & I couldn't stop smiling!

    I see nasty Old Orchard everywhere!

  6. I found the exact same piece last week! it made me happy too! congrats!