Thursday, May 23, 2013

Harvest Promos!!!

I'm so excited. My first huggers!

I'm a happy to say these made it through the USPS with no problems.

Harvest Promotional 475 & 473 with correct lids and plastic huggers. 
I could hug them myself.  I love the pattern, of course I love Old Orchard
 and seems like I am the only one to ever life Old Orchard. 

Got yourself anything good lately? 

Read about them  at 

~Katie - Treasure Hunter! 


  1. When I first started collecting Pyrex, I found the smaller Orchard promotional with lid and hugger at an antique mall. I bought it for really cheap and was excited because it was my first promotional piece. During one of my Pyrex purges, it ended up in my eBay pile. I tried for weeks and it never sold despite being at a super low price with shipping. Then, I tried to sell it at my garage sale for $4 and IT STILL DIDN'T SELL!! So it ended up at Goodwill where I'm sure they priced it ridiculously high and still sold it. Too bad I didn't know how much you love that pattern, I would have given it to you for the shipping only!

    Glad you found yourself a set.


  2. The lids for these are awesome!