Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Beauties!

I scored two new fun pieces this week!

I had never even seen this promo before - a shiny red Celtic Floral. A splurge at $20, but look how pretty! The tiny hearts on the top - I die!

Next up, a lovely 933 Snowflake Blue! I've always wanted a lasagna pan - my momma found this one for me at a local thrift shop for $15. Love!

Hope everyone's getting great finds this week!



  1. I want that Celtic Floral. It's a nice piece! I'd have to find a way to display it though, where you would be able to see the beautiful lid!

  2. Great finds! Especially I like the Snowflake Blue dish.

    Cheers, Mirjam

  3. Ohhh... nice Celtic Floral! That lid is so lovely. I saw my first ever lasagna pan this weekend at an antique store, but it was way more than $15! I'm still hoping to thrift one, too.

  4. Great finds! I have only ever found two of the Lasagna pans, Spring Blossom and Butterfly Gold. Yours is lovely!

  5. That Celtic Floral piece is too, too special! I'll be keeping my eyes open for that one!

  6. Love that Celtic Floral!!! So pretty.