Sunday, May 5, 2013

Don't know much about Delphite...

I went to an estate sale in a nearby town.  Now that garage sale season has begun, the hubby is super great about letting me sneak off to a few garage sales on the weekend, while he watches baby.  This town is even smaller then my town.  Maybe it is more like a village!  I always find great Pyrex is this tiny little town for some reason.  Anyways, a well known antique dealer had passed on and his family was selling the items from his store as an estate sale/garage sale.  All the original antique store prices were left on the items but you could barter.  I ended up knowing one of the relatives there helping.  I walked past this blue Delphite casserole and really, didn't even think that it was Pyrex.  I thought it was Fire King or something similar.  I didn't bother picking it up or anything to even look and see if it was Pyrex. 
I moseyed on down the tables and saw another piece of Pyrex with a wrong lid.  It didn't have a price tag.  I went and asked the gal that I knew, what the price might be.  She said I could have it for a dollar!  I told her the lid was wrong but that I could probably use it for something else (which I had a large Butterfly casserole that needed a lid). 
Turns out it the 2.5 deep version of the early 1960's Golden Honeysuckle casserole.  It is very "Mad Men" looking to me!  Now, I will just need to find a lid for it:)  Not bad for a buck though!

So, I went back over to the first table and decided to look at the bottom of the blue Delphite casserole.  That is when I discovered this..
I thought to myself, well, I am not really a Pyrex expert although I have been collecting since I was in college (over 10 years ago).  I had a feeling that this might be a special piece since it says "Made in Canada" and is Delphite blue.  I don't know much of anything about Pyrex Delphite, so can anyone share some information with me?  I'm not sure that the lid is original or not?  There was a $28 price tag on it and they gave me a price of $8 which I almost declined because I thought it was waaay to expensive for an estate sale or even a thrift store!  My gut told me to buy it because it was Delphite.

I also found this #401 for $2.  The picture doesn't look that great for some reason, it is pretty in person!  The funny part is that I have needed this little blue bowl for like a year, to complete my primary mixing set and now, in a matter of a month, this is the second one I have found!  I just love the size of these little ones and my husband and I use them frequently, so I bought this one too:)

Hope the weekend garage saling was great for everyone!  I know my pics are terrible.  I'm to lazy to get my real camera out and just use my iPhone anymore:)


  1. The only thing I know about the delphite is that it was exclusively made in Canada. Score for you!


  2. I have a few of delphite dinnerware but nothing like this, it's a very good find!

  3. I have a couple Delphite mixing bowls which I bought on eBay because I have never seen them in the wild! (Mine do say USA on them though, but most Delphite was made in Canada)

  4. This is the rare delphite casserole although that clear lid does not go with it. I have seen it sell on ebay with its correct lid for a hundred dollars. You can search my blog for delphite casserole for a reference with photos!

    1. Thanks Six Ballons! I will be looking out for a lid now!