Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hello fellow Pyrex lovers!

My name is Katie, and I’m new to the collective. You can read more about me on my blog.

Usually I try to add a piece of Pyrex a week to my collection. Sometimes I won’t find anything, and that’s when I get real hungry..
Last week I didn’t find anything, so I’m hoping I can redeem myself this week. Cross your fingers for me! These are the last “good finds” I came across. I found them both at my local Goodwill for a great price.

The charcoal Snowflake I scooped up for only $2.99! I think I did a little aisle dance when I found that one. Then what did I find around the next corner? The Bluebird promotional casserole. *SQUEAL* I am absolutely in love with this one. I had to pay a little more for that ($5.99) but still a great deal. The 401 bowl sitting on top of them both was something I found awhile ago…it just doesn’t have any friends to go with it. Poor little guy..
I’ve also decided I’m going to allow myself to buy 1 piece of Pyrex online each month. Whether it be something hard to find, or pieces I need to complete a set. It’s not as exciting as finding them on my own, but sometimes I just NEED to hold a new bowl...or a new casserole…clean it up…tell it how pretty it is…
Okay, I should probably stop there.

Happy Pyrexing!


  1. I totally understand!!! Great finds and awesome prices :) welcome!

  2. Welcome! Those finds are to die for!!! And in the same store on the same day!

  3. You won't find a single person on here who will judge you for your Pyrex hunger, we all have it! Great score on the promotional. I've been trying to hold off on buying that one online.

  4. Love love love the snowflake, I have a few turquoise but no luck in finding the black.
    I just started collecting last fall and I've quickly filled many shelves.
    You can see some of my finds on my blog-

    Have fun :)

  5. Those all look so cute stacked together! I hope that aqua 401 isn't lonely for long:-)


  6. Love the snowflakes! Welcome to the collective! :)