Monday, May 20, 2013


I finally finished off my favorite set - New Dots!

It's literally taken me a year to complete...I kept hoping to find them for cheaaap!

Last summer I found my first dots - blue! $2 at a garage sale.

I kept looking and looking - finally spotted the yellow beauty in a random flea market. $7! Miiine!

Months later, one late night Etsy listing for 2 orange dots for $15. Score! ($9 shipping, but now I have an extra orange!)

It's the green one that took forever. (I literally checked eBay & Etsy DAILY. Like a crazy lady. My husband was kind of worried.) But, FINALLY. Found the green on Etsy - $25. ($10 shipping)

New Dots total - $68. Not too shabby!

The blue & green have a few light scratches, but.. eh. I'm still in love! 

What about you all, my fellow Pyrexians? Have you found patience pays off? 


  1. Madee--I am in need of a red dots! (I have a yellow but want to start my collection). Maybe I can buy it from you at the flea mart, or swap if I have something you'd want! :)

    1. Perfect! Haha I was planning on bringing it to the flea market in June! I'll save it for you. ;)

  2. It's lovely! I have only ever found Orange Dots, so I understand what you went through to get your set.

  3. Congrats on completing! The set looks great.

  4. The orange dot bowl was my very first piece of Pyrex and what started my obsession. Like you, it took me forever to find the green bowl but I finally found it on eBay for around $30 including shipping. This set is one of my display sets and it sits on top of my cabinets so people can't be tempted to actually use it.

    Then, wouldn't you know it, in about a two month span I thrifted not one but TWO green dot bowls for under $8 each! What a crazy world we live in.


    1. Eek! I'd be totally fine with finding some more {affordable} dots! Especially green! :)