Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pink Gooseberry and Turquoise Snowflake

Hello, PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Pyrexing has been a little slow around here. Probably because I haven't been getting to all my regular stores- been so busy! But I have managed to find a couple things and they were pretty good ones, too.

Last week, I met up with a group from Retroroadmap.com and spent the day touring the Shoe House in Columbia, Pa and seeing the area. There were a couple really big antique malls in town, and I did score some Pyrex. It was hard to find any I really wanted that was reasonably priced, but I did pick up this turquoise snowflake divided dish for $10.  I know, I hate the divideds, but I do love me some turquoise snowflake, so I had to have it. Plus it had the lid; usually I never find those.

I was tempted by a set of the Honeysuckle casseroles- large and small with the large lid for $22, as well as a Cosmopolitan with lid for $12. But I am not a huge fan of either of those patterns so I didn't pull the trigger. And there were plenty of DWD primary mixing bowls and fridge sets for $75+ if anyone wants me to go back for them, LOL.

And then yesterday I stopped in to a thrift store that must have gotten a bunch of stuff from an antique store that was closing, because they were packed with vintage stuff. Unfortunately they were (mostly) charging antique store and online prices, so I didn't find much else than one lonely piece of Pyrex. 

But it was a good one- a pink gooseberry 471.

I happily paid my $3.50 for it and brought it home to its mates! Now I just need a couple of lids and I will have that set completed.


  1. 471's are so cute! I saw a Woodland one today at Goodwill, it was $6.06, had some paint missing & had some funky lid to some funky other Pyrex taped like no tomorrow to it!

    I'm surprised, you're not the first one to say you're not a fan of Cosmo! I think it's so neat. I only have the lid though. I CAN'T WAIT to add it to my collection (reasonably priced, since it seems to be common enough).

    Good pieces you picked up, both beautiful.

  2. I have several of those round Gooseberry casseroles and just love the way they look all stacked up! Don't stop once you find the lids. You need more!!


  3. i love the snowflake dish. i got one just like it not too long ago. its only my second pyrex purchase.

  4. Great finds! The divided dishes aren't so bad if they have lids. I've even taken them to small parties a few times. Glad your Pink Gooseberry set is almost complete!

  5. Oh, a 471 is always worth picking up -- I love that size! Nice finds.