Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hey Girl, the Pyrex Edition

Hello, lovers of all things Pyrex! Over at the FB page, Vintage Pyrex Love, you'll occasionally come across some super creative Pyrex folk who spice up the Pyrex collecting world even more than it already is. One of those such people is the one and only Quynh Dao. Quynh is a collector, trader, and frequent stumbler upon thrifting gold mines such as her finds of last Friday. She seemed to have fulfilled a monthly quota for most of us and then managed to find more yesterday. She's gifted. She also has a picture of her lovely Turquoise 400-series set featured on page 30 of Michael Barber's new collector book, Pyrex Passion.

With Quynh's permission, here are some memes that she has created that are too good to not be shared with other Pyrex, and perhaps Ryan Gosling, lovers. I know I love both. Enjoy!


  1. Those are awesome and he is beautiful!!!

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  3. I'm just curious how everyone else interprets "POPPING TAGS"?

    I knew "POPPING TAGS" before this Macklemore song as shoplifting - you pull the sensors off (CDs, DVDs, etc..) & they pop. There were people who worked music stores who were trained to listen for "popping tags".