Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pyrex to Trade / Sell

After my initial spurt of buying any and all reasonably priced pyrex, I've slowed down a bit in my collecting.  I'm looking to downsize and only hold onto pieces I absolutely love.  I'll probably be listing them on etsy or ebay soon, but wanted to put them up here first to see if anyone was interesting in trading or buying any of these pieces.  I've noted the ones I have lids for.

Shoot me an email if you are interested in any of these (mysocalledmodernlife at gmail dot com) - I always forget to look at comments, so definitely email me!  I don't have pictures of many of these yet, so it might take me a day or so to get back to you with pictures.

Here's the list:
- Autumn Harvest: 403
- Blue Floral: 473
- Butterfly Gold: 403, 441, 444, 472, 943 with white patterned lid, 501 with lid
- Butterprint: 472 with lid, 472, 443
- Early American: 403, 473 with lid
- Forest Fancies: 474B
- Golden Honeysuckle: 035
- JAJ Red Gooseberry: 443
- Hex Signs: 045
- Old Orchard: 963
- Rosette: 943 with lid
- Spring Blossom: butter dish
- Square Flowers (Verde): 474B
- Terra Cotta Rose: 474B
- Town and Country: 475B, 963
- Turquoise: 403
- Woodland: 471B
- Zodiac: 475B

Patterns I'd be interested in (and yes, a lot are promotional and I do not have high expectations of other people parting with them, but it can't hurt to throw things out there.  and while this list is long, it's probably not comprehensive, so feel free to throw something out there): black tulip, blue bird, butterprint (I need mixing bowls other than 403, 471/471 turquoise on white, butter dish, or refrigerator dishes), daisy casserole with patterned lid, friendship, frost garland, gooseberry (I need 442 to complete my bowl set and then anything else other than a 472), black gooseberry, mod kitchen, musical staff, pink daisy (have the divided serving dish), rooster black, scroll, charcoal snowflake, snowflake blue, stems, terra, tulip, woodland.

Also - I'm particularly interested in bakeware in general (I have a flamingo lasagna pan, but that's it!) - I'm definitely trying to get my hands on some 8x8 or loaf pans.  Also - pyrex plates.  (yes, I'm needy)

Obviously I didn't list out everything I already have a piece or two of, but I tried to at least note when I'm only looking for a few certain pieces to fill gaps.

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