Friday, May 17, 2013

Pyrex Heaven!

I found it...and it's a beautiful, beautiful place.

I couldn't leave without bringing anything home, of course.

My first Orange Butterprint, Green Wheat spacesaver, Horizon Blue casserole, Charcoal Snowflake casserole (new in box!) and a {non-Pyrex} biscuit jar that I fell in love with. 

The lady working said the booth owner is constantly adding new pieces and restocking...can't wait to go back and see new goods! 

Come check out more pictures on my blog!


P.S. Do any of you fellow Pyrexians use Instagram? If so, you should follow me! I'll follow you back, with Pyrex and vintage/retro goodness. @madisonyager   :)


  1. Oh that looks yummy... sometimes I like to go to places where I know there is a ton of Pyrex (even if it's overpriced) just to stare at it for a while. Nice finds. And I love Instagram! I usually tag all of my Pyrex pics with #pyrexcollective.

    1. I believe I just started following you! I'll have to hashtag mine the same! :)

    2. Yes, you did! I'm loving all of your Pyrex pics on there...

  2. Lovely booth and great finds! New in box is always nice.
    I might have to look into this instagram thing. Seems like a lot of my blog friends are on it lately.

  3. nice finds! I believe the jar is called a nursery jar, used to store cotton balls and such