Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm new around here!

Hi to all!  I've been a long time Pyrex Collective lurker, but finally decided last week that it was time for me to become a more active participant in the community.  Might I say it was just in time,  as today I found this:

The elusive green dot bowl.  You know the one...impossible to find in the wild, going for prices upwards of $60 and $70 on ebay....we won't even talk about etsy prices....

I was at a great little place called The Vintage Source that only runs one time per month in Southern Maryland.  This weekend was their spring flea market weekend, so my 6 year old daughter and I went to see what there was to see.  Lots of neat stuff, but nothing that had to come home with me...until I turned a corner in the store and saw this bowl on a table.  I practically squealed.  I tentatively flipped over the tag to see the price, thinking that surely it would be high.

$21.  And in pretty great condition.  A few chipped dots here and there, but overall looking shiny and clean.


I know for those of you that have good luck finding Pyrex when you are out thrifting, this price is probably pretty high, but I have to say that around these parts, most of the Pyrex to be found is at flea markets or antique stores.   For this bowl, I was incredibly happy to pay this price.  

It now lives on my rack in my kitchen with fellow family members, orange dot and blue dot bowl.

If only our missing family member, the yellow dot bowl, would come join us, life would be fine.

For now, I'm enjoying finding the big ol' green dot bowl!



  1. Nice! That ones on my list.

    I once passed up an not so expensive dots (forgot the colour & price, but it was in the 10's), but later shelled out $14.99 at the thrift store for the blue! OH WELL.

  2. That's a pretty good price for an antique mall, great find! Welcome to the collective, we're happy to have you and excited to share in your finds.

  3. Welcome!

    I have found 2 green dots in the wild. Less than $5 each! Such a pretty green.