Monday, May 13, 2013

Kim Chee

I have not found anything worth buying at the thrift stores in a week. Maybe 2 weeks.

At least we have online shopping right? Someone on facebook is selling some stuff at a local flea market. I got in on the presale. I busted my butt saturday and drove the 30 minutes to go have a look.

My son got the bowl (he is 4, and I had the cradle). Teaching him young to love Pyrex. 

Kim Chee, my favorite buy from the weekend. 
I got a few other things you can see at

The Kim Chee is so pretty in person. 

Lets hope the drought of Pyrex is over. 


  1. Cute! I love that your son loves it too!!

  2. I haven't found any Pyrex in a couple weeks either. Usually when I have droughts like this, I end up finding something really great. Let's hope that's what happens this time!