Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Dry Spell is Over!

FINALLY, after weeks and weeks of unsuccessful Pyrex hunts, I broke my dry spell and adopted some new pieces!

To say I was getting desperate would be an understatement. My weekly Goodwill trips were starting to become depressing, and I always left with my pockets heavy (fibber!), arms empty, and head hung..until yesterday.

As I was checking out, sad that I had only found books, I peered into the display case by the register....and what did I see?
Ignore that crooked 443..I fixed it :)

An entire set of Snowflake Blue (or Snowflake Garland..what do you call it?) cinderella bowls! I was so happy I barely even looked at the price, I just told the lady "aaand I'm going to need that set of Pyrex too..."
I paid $24 for the set, which is a little higher than what I normally pay, but really not a bad price. This is my first complete set of Pyrex bowls, so I was pretty overjoyed. It seems whenever I find a set, it's always missing at least 1 bowl. It makes me wonder sometimes...what happened to the missing piece? Is he all alone in the world, his nesting days gone for good? Did he plummet to his death after slipping from a buttered hand? 
Le sigh. The joys of vintage.

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