Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Almost Spring!

I am so happy to report I found a little pyrex here in SoCal.  
It has been dry, or maybe I just haven't been looking for a while. 
And yes while not all of this pictures is Pyrex, the Fire King is awesome with the duel candle warmers. 

I think I perfected the "Walk & Stalk" with the pink square baker. 

Head over to treasuresmyhh.blogspot.com to hear the story of my "Walk & Stalk"

I hope you all that have snow see the sun melt it away soon. It was 90 here in Sunday. 
I stayed in a played with my Pyrex. 

Until next time

Happy Hunting!!
Treasure Hunter

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  1. Happy you scored! The Fire King dual warmer is cool! Hope you post when you use it--would love to see it in action!