Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stars align in the Bloggersphere, Pyrex Results!

Stars align in the Bloggersphere and I am over the moon with the outcome. I have been reading fellow blogger, Ana's blog for a while now. Specifically her vintage obsession over a certain mid-century design. Read about it here www.rearrangeddesign.com. So, when I came across the design on a tray at an estate recently, I snapped it up.

This stuff is apparently rare and hard to find information about. You can read all about it at her blog. I emailed her looking for information and she was very helpful and also offerred to buy/trade. I said I would be happy to trade if you got the goods! I mean the Pyrex :)

Of course, she had Pyrex, like all good vintage collectors do. We exchanged photos and within 48 hours we were very happy bloggers. This is what I got. A 503 with lid, a 502 with lid, and a 501 with lid. The 501 I received is part of another set I'm working on and is not pictured. I had the 501's for this set! Daisy set complete:)




  1. Yes!!! I'm a girl who loves her fridgies and boy did it feel good to get that Daisy set complete! I'm so happy for you. Those colors are delicious! Maybe our girls could get together for tea and crumpets! ha-ha!

    1. Lol, my favorite thing is completing fridge sets! Tea and crumpets? Hmm, how about a coffee and a donut :)))

    2. Yum....donuts!!!! We've got a place here that makes these sinfully huge and delicious Bismarcks! You're on!

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