Monday, March 10, 2014

A Dry Spell Broken (Knock on Wood)

I've made a decision to try and only buy Pyrex from thrifts, fleas, and estate/yard sales. This means no eBay or antique stores. What this has led to is a dry spell of several weeks, with me sorely jonesing to purchase online or hit up an antique mall. I have resisted, though, even though my last find that I brought home was almost a month ago (see it here). To be fair, I have found stuff, just nothing I want to bring home. I don't need or want Autumn Harvest (unless it is a 401, I feel compelled to own every 401 made, or a 501/503, same story as the 401 need). A Hex Signs 045 did nothing for me. I saw some Town & Country but passed. I have been working on clearing out the things I don't want, which is incidentally things most other collectors don't want. I am down to one box to be released into the wild.

All that to say this is the time the thrifts and weekend sales have decided to be dry in terms of what I like. Then on a whim I decided to have an upbeat, positive outlook and hit some thrifts on the way home from the gym. The first three yielded nothing, nada, zilch, not even a pattern I didn't want. But the last one finally had something I really, really want: Friendship.

I had a clear patterned Friendship 475 lid at home just waiting for this bad boy. I will be on the hunt for the opal version but in the meantime I feel quite satisfied. My finds may become more sporadic but hopefully better.

Happy hunting!



  1. Fantastic! Perfect for Springtime!

  2. Yay!!! I'm so happy for you Jacquelyn!!! I know how much you wanted that Friendship casserole!! Sing and dance, sing and dance!

    I've been feeling the same way. I need to stay away from online purchasing and antique malls as I used the holidays and birthday as an excuse to splurge. And as witnessed in my last post, I still ended up finding plenty of new and exciting stuff. It's just so hard sometimes when it feels like the hands of time are standing still and nothing is happening!!!!

  3. So pretty. And I also have the need to buy EVERY 401 I find! We use them as our every day bowls so that's my justification. ;)