Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Little Daisy to Brighten My Day

It's been a bit dry here lately for me, what with my ban on antique malls and eBay/etsy and my other rule to only take what I need and/or can trade. But, there have been a couple of good finds….

Pink Daisy Open Baker 

This is the second one I have found in the wild. I passed one by at an antique mall only to regret it, go back and get it, it was gone, so I bought one on eBay. Ouch. Now I find this one you see at an upscale thrift (read: charges more because it is clean). I was surprised to find one at a somewhat reasonable price, but I am not complaining. I am going to trade this, I don't really need two though they really are great for baking things like stuffed shells and manicotti.

Daisy 471, 472, 473 with Opal Printed Lids

My husband is an architect and works for himself, I manage the books. All that to say I am often out and about picking up prints, going to the bank, business things. This allows me to make many thrift stops throughout the week without feeling as though I am wasting a bunch of gas. On my last print run I stopped into a thrift I don't normally visit. Maybe I was bored, I don't know, maybe I just had some Pyrex intuition, or most likely, it's the good vibes others have been sending my way. Anyway, I was happy to find these Daisy casseroles. I already have the 474 with the clear printed lid. I had no intention of collecting the Daisy pattern but I guess the Pyrex gods have a different plan. 

Happy hunting!



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  2. Super finds no doubt! Love, love Daisy--so bright and cheerful, I can see why you are hooked now!! Can't wait to see your future Daisy finds!!

  3. Wow those are great! The colors are so bright and Spring-y.

  4. Yes i'd say the Pyrex gods have a different plan LOL

  5. Oh good job spotting Daisy in the thrifts! I splurged on the smallest round casserole once at an antique store -- I love it! I've never seen them at thrift stores though.