Monday, March 24, 2014

One Lonely Piece of Pyrex and A Gift

Hello all!  I found only one small piece of Pyrex today.  I didn't want to leave it behind, just in case the Pyrex gods might think I'm not paying attention.

I know…it's almost embarrassing after all the color we've seen over the past few posts. Kind of a downer, but then I went to the post office and found these gifts from an online friend:

A Butterfly Gold gravy bowl saucer and mug, which will fit right in with this collection:

I always feel like I should have a blog to share here, but I've had a several of them in the past and (gah!) I cannot keep up with a blog.  I am on instagram (lisaloo229) and I have a flickr (lisalou229), if you'd like to see the rest of my collection and more thrifting finds.  

Until next time….


  1. One find is a great find Lisa! I'll have to go check out your collection at your other places!! Can never see too much Pyrex!

  2. I totally agree with Evie-any Pyrex find is a great one! I haven't seen one piece of Pyrex in the thrifts in ages, thank goodness yard sales will be starting up soon. Or maybe I need to make some kind of sacrifice to the Pyrex gods-like break a piece of Fire King or something ;)