Monday, March 24, 2014

Hitting the hot streak...

I have been collecting Pyrex for about a year now. I got my first piece a several years ago but only in 2013 did I start routinely going thrifting looking for pieces.

However in mid to late 2013 it became a lot harder to find Pyrex!!! I was in a lull, my local savers when it even had Pyrex was charging antique mall prices for pieces in worse condition that what I could get in an antique mall for that price!!! So I started shop hopping around multiple thrift shops once a week, I have a total of about 20 thrift stores on my radar and I go to at least 2 of them a week but sometimes all 20 depending on how busy I am and if I happen to be in various areas of Denver. An example is this week, I spent a half day thrifting early in the week in Aurora and went to about 5 shops, then Friday I had to pick up my son from his university for Spring break which took me to the other side of the city and in the vicinity of a whole lot of other thrift stores, so I checked out 7 that day.

I also go to antique malls now!! I emigrated to the USA from Australia last year and had never seen an antique mall until I came here, that is a revelation!! I love antiquing now, even if there is no Pyrex the malls are soooo fun to visit. But when I am antiquing I am on the hunt for cheaper pieces of Pyrex or pieces that complement a set I currently have.

So with all these efforts to find Pyrex I am finally hitting a hot streak!!! I get new pieces every week, it is great:

Antique Mall Finds
Antique mall buys March 2014
 I paid $24 for the rectangular baker because it is my first time ever seeing one, they seem hard to find here in Denver and $20 for the pink Daisy casserole and lid set to match a piece I already have and the black snowflake divided dish was $20 too but they are very scarce here in Denver. The remaining pieces were all around $10 to $12 or less which is definitely cheaper than what my local savers would charge!!

I love Autumn Harvest so pounced on these for about $5 each in the antique mall

I was pleased to find the alternate Town and Country in the antique mall and it was cheaper than the one I bought at savers recently!!!

I had never seen one of the tiny pink pieces or a pie plate!

My divided dish collection doubled that day!

I have the square baker in this color so was excited to get the matching rectangular one

 But I still find a lot of pieces thrifting and here are some of this weeks finds:

403 Butterprint $ 6 and 402 Butterfly Gold $3
The turquoise divided dish with lid was $3.24, the white with turquoise was $6 and all the others were between $3 and $6
But I am most excited about finding two pink mixing bowls (403, 402) for $11 this weekend!

I even got a pair of Verde Cindy bowls for $11 this week, I had never seen Verde and another piece of Autumn Harvest

So I have had many a happy dishwasher load lately:

I know it is not a popular idea putting Pyrex in the dishwasher but I do! Particularly once they are scrubbed with BKF to remove price tags, sticky residue etc, I run them through on a rinse cycle. I figure it is my collection I make the rules ;) Then I oil the display pieces and they aren't likely to get used again or go in the dishwasher again.

But I do use the dishwasher for my regular use Pyrex, but that is usually limited to non set oddball pieces that I will use until I die or the piece breaks.


  1. Lol. Wow, if you'd never seen an antique mall before, I'm sure it WAS a revelation! I've been going to antique malls, too. I've said it before…by the time I drive all over 2 or 3 counties, I've spent enough in gas to justify an antique mall purchase (I can walk to our local antique mall) or even an ebay purchase (shipping is still cheaper than gas). I still hit the thrifts, though. Today I got one small lonely piece of Pyrex, but it was still worth the trip to me. AND I got a piece of Butterfly Gold from someone online who knows I collect it…will post both later. All your finds are gorgeous.. I have a lot of catching up to do!

    1. I agree 1 piece makes it worth doing the rounds :)

  2. Wow!! You have hit the jackpot! I'm so glad that things are picking up for you, that is great you have so many thrifts in your area. I also love the Autumn Harvest pattern, it is one of my favorites.

    1. I got a set of four Autumn Harvest cindy bowls yesterday for $20 after a friend called me to tell me she saw them in a thrift store!!!! :)))) It is the alternating mix of red and orange.

  3. Oh how I would love to go shopping in your collection! There are easily a few pieces I'm dying to have! Thanks for posting all your lovely Pyrex!