Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birthday Thrift Crawl 2014!

Hello PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Every year for my birthday, I take an entire Saturday and do a thrift crawl- I try to visit as many thrift stores as I can over the course of a whole day. These are the stores that are a bit farther away, that I don't usually have time to get to during the week. This year's big event actually fell on my birthday this year, March 1st! I got to 6 stores over about 40 miles in 4 hours.

Of course, I am looking for Pyrex first and foremost. The Butterprint 401 and the unmarked green 403 are duplicates for me, so they went over to the booth. I have been looking for this green for a long time, because it enabled me to complete an unmarked primary set for the booth- I have had no luck selling them separately so will try it this way. It's in great condition- amazing for being close to 70 years old!

I found the square flowers 473 at my first stop- and it was a gold mine for Pyrex! Also at that same store I found an unmarked opal 403, and a pixie. This is the second birthday thrift crawl in a row where I found pixies, and I have never found them any other time, go figure. 

I also found this sad excuse for a pink stripe 401

...but it was only 99 cents so I couldn't leave it there. And I don't know about you, but I have never seen pink stripes in person, so yeah, I'll bring it home and love it. But look what I found the next week (last week, at a different store)- mommy stripe! And this one is near perfect! Who knew? Pink stripes in the wild!

I also found this Golden Wreath 043 promo last week. It's in near mint condition except for a chip at the bottom- probably happened in the donation bin, I can only assume. I have run out of room for 043s, so I am going to list it in my Etsy store. It's nice and shiny- just hard to show in photos. Check it out!

And since you all are great Pyrex friends, I am offering a discount coupon of 20% (good on anything, not just Pyrex)- enter coupon code PIT20OFF at checkout.


  1. When people see their bowls looking that disgusting wouldn't you be like, "shit, I should stop putting this in the dishwasher."

    Great birthday finds! I love going to the stores that are further away since people in those cities seem to have day jobs & can't camp out at the thrifts all day to attack the bins - more quality goods during the day!

  2. You should post a link to your store in the post - I had to go searching for it. Some of us are lazy.

    1. LOL it's supposed to be hyperlinked. Looks like it is when I see it, but maybe not?

  3. Some great finds! Love the stripes, I have yet to see a pink strip win person!

  4. Your pink stripes and opal bowls are on my list! The pink stripes is sooo pretty isn't it! Great finds!

  5. Pink stripes! They are fabulous. Good for you:))