Monday, March 3, 2014

Delving for delights in Denver

I am new to the Pyrex collective, I have been collecting Pyrex for about a year, it is a hobby I love because it reminds me of the kitchens I spent time in as a child. Whether it be my grandmothers, aunts, family friends or our kitchen at home. What we now call vintage was everyday kitchenware for the women of prior generations I love these constant reminders of that bygone era.

Here is what I have so far:

 These primaries are new I got the bowls on Friday at a thrift store and the fridgies on Sunday at an antique mall.

I am constantly rearranging my displays after weekly thrift shopping outings this is my kitchen display at the moment:

This was Friday's thrift store bundle:

A whole cart full, of various things, like patchwork baby quilts (great for quilt rack displays but also help get the Pyrex home in one piece!), Tupperware and of course several pieces of Pyrex and some Fire King. Here it all is, sorry for the blurry phone pic my good camera wasn't working that day!

See the set of three primaries, 4 other Pyrex bowls and a large casserole!

The problem with such a successful day hunting is you just want to keep hunting, I love delving through piles of kitchenware looking for that hidden piece of Pyrex, I think the first time my husband ever came with me he was horrified to see me sitting on the floor digging through a tub of lids looking for those special Pyrex ones I 'need'!

This is where I went on Sunday with my darling husband who bought me the primary fridgies and a Cinderella Butterfly bowl whilst we were there:

This is the website for this antique mall, which is my favorite to visit:
If you are ever in Denver pop in and check it out, it is a lot of fun.

And at least once a week I do a driving tour of the thrift stores in my area of Denver; I go to Arc, Savers and Goodwill in several locations:

These two websites help my find thrift stores locally:

So if you are ever out and about thrifting or antiquing in Denver you may see me on one of my Pyrex Adventures, I will be the one with the grin like a Cheshire cat and the Pyrex I found that I really 'need' tucked under one arm.

Happy Hunting 


  1. So true, this is vintage now- but for my grabdmother these were her everyday, go-to pieces!

  2. You've caught the bug!!!! :0) It's so much fun, I know first hand! It gets a little tough for me when things get too slow--miss that Pyrex find high!

    You've already got a pretty good size collection, pretty!


    1. Yes Evie I definitely have the bug!!! Totally addicted and running out of space to store it all lol