Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A little catch-up

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I haven't had a lot of time to post here, but I'm still on the hunt! I've had some pretty good luck in spots and some terrible luck in others. (Like today- drove 35 miles and came home empty-handed...) But, you win some, you lose some, and you'll never win if you don't play the game!

I got very lucky in the Pyrex/vintage glass department, and that always makes everything better! I found this charcoal snowflake divided dish with lid- it's my first piece of black snowflake found ITW. The only other piece I have is a space saver I bought on ebay. It's in mint condition and I love it!

Can you believe I found a piece of Fry glass at the pound store? Yep, a Fry oven glass pie plate with a 1915 date stamp for about 50 cents! I think it was $0.89/lb, LOL. I have enough pie plates right now (even tho this is sooo pretty) and no oven to bake them in, so this one will be for sale I think.

I also found these Hazel Atlas pretties in the discount room of a different thrift- 25 cents each! Two dinner plates and two cereal bowls. I have mixed these in with my Pyrex turquoise band dinnerware and they look amazing!

I found this Spring Blossom 2 473 the other day. I am not a big fan of the original SB, but the redesign is really growing on me. I like the small flowers! I might hold on to this one for a while to use in my spring display; I don't have a lot of green except for lime. The little chalkware duck was so cute, I picked him up for 50 cents.

I found another space saver! This is actually my second Golden Pine SS found in the wild. It's in much better condition than the first one, so I will be holding onto this one and selling the first. I love this design- it's a combo of atomic and nature, so it speaks to me. ;)

I counted up all the space savers I have found ITW and believe it or not, I've found 7, including a starburst and a rooster (with lid and cradle). I don't think I'm any more lucky than anyone else, just persistent, so they are out there, keep looking!


  1. Excellent! I have to disagree with you though, I am persistent and in 3 years I've only found 2 space savers :0(

    1. Keep the faith, they're out there! I should mention that it has taken me years to find that many. I found the starburst probably 15 years ago, and it was my only piece of Pyrex for a long time. We were discussing this on fb, and some people think that they are more prevalent in certain areas of the country (I'm in the northeast.)

    2. Okay, I'm feeling a little better now :0) I'll be more patient!

  2. I have only found one space saver in the wild at a barn sale unless you count the ones that I found at antique malls. That's in the wild, right? :-)

    Love the Charcoal Snowflake. I've decided that I want to start collecting that pattern for the holidays and so far have found the 045 and the smaller space saver. The black looks so good with the turquoise and white.

    Glad you're back!


  3. Can't believe you found Hazel for 25 cents! I have 4 bowls in this pattern, would love to have plates!

  4. Wow. I thrift multiple times a week and still only find Pyrex a few times a month. My best find was a snowflake space saver, white on blue. I don't find good stuff in the thrifts, just primary mixing bowls for $10.