Friday, April 19, 2013

Rummage Sale Pyrex

I'm as giddy as a kid in a candy store right now, because it is officially yard sale/rummage sale season! I went to our town's big semi-annual rummage sale on Thursday and found some Pyrex. I don't usualy find more than one or two pieces, but last year I found a pink Gooseberry casserole, so the bar was set high. I was one of the first in the door, and made a beeline right for the housewares, seeing a spot of green on the table.

The Verde 442 (or is it Spring Blossom/Square Flowers?- according to PyrexLove, Verde did not come in Cinderella shape- anyone know?) was $3, which is astonishingly high for this type of sale.  It's not even in great condition- quite a bit of wear to the handles and utensil scratches which came out with a little BKF. It just goes to show that people everywhere (even little old church ladies) are onto those of us that collect it!

Friday I went to another church rummage sale. Thankfully the lime square baker was only $1 at that one. Apparently those little old church ladies are still in the dark! 

This is my second piece of lime (found the round cake pan about a month ago) and my 4th utility dish-  I have a flamingo lasagna pan and lidded casserole. But do you think I could find a pink or lime pie pan? No... still looking after all these years!

I've also done a bit of thrifting lately and found some really neat mugs (no other Pyrex to be found, boo!). 

First the Pyrex ones, although the Old Towne one is not marked Pyrex.

I also found this FireKing Peach Lustre creamer for $1. I am trying really hard not to collect this stuff, but it keeps jumping in my basket and coming home with me! I also found a set of 6 matching custard cups. (Sorry for the poor photo quality, our power was out when I took the picture and the outside light was poor.)

I liked the look of this one, with the eagle on it. It's quite a bit bigger even than the Old Towne footed mug, perhaps it may be McKee?

Yes, these are GlasBake, eek! Can you believe it- why didn't Pyrex make some cute mugs like this? I think there are other fruits in the set, but I only found these three plus the tennis one.

Check out my blog for some more rummage sale goodies!


  1. Verde comes in the cinderella style! It seems like the 442 is also the hardest to find so now you're fighting a down hill battle. lol

  2. Great finds. Check out this flicker photo of verde cinderella

  3. I saw a complete set of Verde cinderella's at the store just today.

  4. Nice haul! I'm glad at least one set of church ladies hasn't caught on yet.