Friday, April 26, 2013

DWD Friendship

What a boring week here. I swear someone needs to clean out their cabinets for me and donate a bunch of pretty Pyrex. 

I did however find some friendship this week. A sad sight to see. 

They were cheap and they sorta look pretty still. I felt bad for them. So they came home with me. They actually look really pretty with my set of Eyes.

I also found some Irish coffee pedestal mugs. You can see them here. Maybe you have some information on them. 

I hope you all the best this weekend searching for Pyrex and other awesome goodies. We all need a little help by the looks of it. 



  1. They still look pretty good for getting rung through the dishwasher! Lately I've been going past a lot of DWD Butterprint and all I can see is a little blue line every few inches... SAD.

  2. I've seen these before, it's funny how the orange print comes off so much easier than the red, which sticks around. I passed on one, but I had a hard time doing it. Friendship is one pattern I love even dishwashered.

  3. They're still pretty! Just...not as shiny. :)