Monday, April 15, 2013

A bunch of 441s

 Last weekend I went hunting and didn't find a thing. Lame. But I have also been having another problem. I cannot remember which ones I have at home and have ended up with some doubles. So I have decided I need to catalog my pyrex. Being the over achiever I am I wanted to make a book for myself including pictures and notes. I am pretty sure this is going to be one hell of a project. 

My first thing was to make a light box to take pretty, uniform, nice pictures. I made one for about $2 and some change. 

I have to say for $2 it does the job. 

Has anyone else cataloged their pyrex for themselves? 
I figured it would help too if I insure the pyrex one day. 



  1. The light box is a great idea. I take lousy pictures of my pyrex. How did you make your light box? I tried to make a list of the items I want to concentrate on finding but when I tried using it I couldn't figure out my writing or what I meant... ..It would be quite a job to make some sort of spread sheet to catalog all of the pyrex I have.But that is what I want to do. Good Luck with your project.

    1. It is really simple. I took a large box (free) cut out the sides. Took a double layer of white quilting fabric (had on hand) and duct taped it to the cut out sides. Took 2 pieces of poster board and and laid them in the inside curving the back so no seams.

      you can see more pictures here :

  2. Super idea!! I made a list of things I still nedd but this looks wayy more fun!

  3. My sister just recently did the same thing with her 441's over at the Collective 2! I cataloged my Pyrex a couple of years ago and just found it was too hard to keep up on the updating. But then again, I was just beginning to collect and buying every single reasonably priced piece I found. It was kind of out of hand. I may try again since I have scaled down and gotten pickier.


  4. Great idea with great results. Love the 441s - I'd love to find a Friendship or a Golden Scroll. And I track my Pyrex pieces in an Excel worksheet.

  5. i have a list on my smart phone of all my pyrex. its alphabetized by pattern and i've got the numbers listed under the names. this makes for easy reference to check and see if i've got a piece already and easy to update when i purchase a new piece. once you get past the 200 mark, there is NO way to remember all that you already have. and it often seems like such a waste to get a double of something. i even have a list of my promo pieces and, for quick reference, a list by pattern name of course, of the pieces that i need/want to complete sets. it was a chore to compile this, but i'm so glad that i did it!

  6. I printed off a sheet once from Pyrex Love, and then I highlighted the stuff I had from Butterfly Gold. Then the collection got out of hand, so I just started scribbling notes on the paper. Now I take at least one pic of everything as soon as it's washed and I try to keep it on my phone, so I remember what I have when I'm out and about. Love the light box!