Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's been awhile...

We had our first baby, just a couple of days before Christmas.  As most of you might be able to relate, our life has fundamentally changed:)  It was just recently that I felt ready to leave baby girl for a few hours to get out of the house, see the light of day and do some shopping.  My husband has been taking care of the regular necessities that required leaving the home, like going grocery shopping, helping with house chores like laundry and cleaning. On my venture out, I hit up Goodwill for a visit and found some fun Pyrex pieces to add to the ol' collection:)  Baby is in good hands with dad when I want to leave the home so I'm feeling pretty fortunate with life right now.  I think this is the longest I've ever gone with no thrifting trips before!  All the pieces are pretty much in mint condition, just need to be washed up a bit!

 Shenandoah Cinderella mixing bowl and a turquoise colored newer mixing bowl (both the first pieces I've ever had of these two patterns)
Lime green 2 qt covered casserole (with no lid) and a large pink Gooseberry Cinderella mixing bowl (also these two are firsts for me, pattern wise)

A lid at random, not sure what it goes to or if it is new or used?  And a very large green casserole with lid ( I think from the Verde collection but not sure does anyone know?)  The green casserole goes with two other smaller green lidded casseroles that I found in the past.

 Here is the markings on the lid if anyone knows what they mean or what the lid goes to.

I also found the small blue bowl to finish off my primary color mixing bowl set.  The first piece of my set was the yellow bowl from my maternal grandparents set I was given by mom many years ago.  We used to use it as a popcorn bowl growing up.  The other three pieces I found here or there for just a few bucks.

One of my best friends has kept her eye out for me and gave me this cute orange casserole she found at Value Villiage.  We use this dish nearly every week!  I am an avid Pyrex collector but also use my pieces in daily cooking.  It makes cooking and baking fun that way!  I also look forward to using it for Halloween next year!

Last but not least, I also collect vintage Fiestaware and have for quite some time.  Thought I would post this lucky find of early ivory pieces.  A creamer and a sugar bottom for .50 cents a piece!  That is unheard of these days for original vintage Fiesta!  I sure love my senior thrift center in my tiny rural town.  They are not out to "make a buck" and volunteers run the shop!
All the Pyrex pieces I found at Goodwill and ranged in price from $1.99-3.99 which I was happy for because the Goodwill prices have really shot up in the last couple of years.  I also found a Colonial Mist #401 bowl.  I love the size of the #401 bowls.  I don't have it pictured here.


  1. Glad to hear that you got some "me" time AND found Pyrex. What a day!

    That lid should fit that lime green bowl you found. If it doesn't, that is the correct style of lid for that particular bowl.

    Congrats on your baby girl & have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks. Yeah, it is weird, the lid is way to small for the casserole...

  2. That lid looks like it might go with either very early Pyrex round casseroles (pre-1940s) or perhaps Corningware casseroles.

    1. Okay thanks. Would it say Pyrex or corningware on it? Mine does say Pyrex.

  3. It would say Pyrex even if came with Corningware.