Thursday, April 11, 2013

New In Boxes!!

Hi Everyone!
My name is Tiffany and I've been lurking for a few months, and thinking of posting some of my luscious Pyrex goodness but kept putting it off. Until today. I could Not stand it any longer after my mad scores today.

I went to this Estate Sale for a hoarder. EVERYTHING was boxed in barns and on trailers. There was TONS of vintage Corning in boxes, and I even found some Pyrex! I heard there was more a lot more earlier in the day, but I didn't even know about the sale until about 2pm.

(P.S. I am listing them in my etsy shop!)

I also got these Fire King gems.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Pyrex Hunting!!


  1. Oh wow - pretty sweet score. All this was there at 2PM? Wonder what treasures that hoarder had..

  2. Oh my goodness, there are several out buildings packed TO THE BRIM. Nothing has been brought out, and it's cash and carry. The sale started YESTERDAY. I am going back tomorrow to dig some more. There was a ton I couldn't get to, and my husband kept bugging me to leave.

  3. oh wow!!!! That is awesome! I have never found anything in a box. I love the blue fireking bowl too = ]


  4. I think I would pass out to find all that in boxes! And the grease jar! Love it.

  5. Holy Moly! So glad you decided to post these treasures, how wonderful. Were you beside yourself with excitement? For sure you need to go back without your husband, you need to take your time and dig!

  6. Welcome Tiffany - you really hit a great sale there! Leave the husband at home and go back !! lol

  7. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome! I totally went back this morning, I scored a few more treasures, but no more casseroles or flameware in boxes. I got a few creamer sugar sets in boxes and a TON of Kimberly Fire King mugs with the price tags still on them! I also found some Jadite mugs, but they were a little too pricy for me. I only bought 1 (i think I found 10 or so).

    There was one more building I haven't gotten into. I may go back tomorrow for last day!