Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Today we went to La Conner Wa. for StashFest.  A sale of exotic materials that benefits the Quilt Museum.  First it was pouring down rain then the sun came out and then we got caught in another rain storm.  We went to a couple of G-sales on the pyrex!!  We ended up taking a little ride to Burlington and on Hwy 20 there is a place called Antiques OutBack.  This lady has alot of Pyrex.  It is very expensive. But it is fun to look at and dream about.  Here are some pictures I took at her shop.

(She gave me permission)  This second picture is a place way in the back  where she stores stuff until there is room out in the shop for it. I had fun looking but didn't buy today.  G-sales are starting up around here so I'm waiting for the bargains.  Happy Hunting.


  1. Are those mugs Pyrex? They're very cute!

  2. Yes the mugs said pyrex and the price was.....$8.00

  3. Wow! I am in Arlington WA and go to Burlington all the time! I have heard of this place but never been...those mugs are so unique! If you ever have trades I am up there alot. :)

  4. Those mugs!! I have never seen those before, anywhere? They almost look like butterprint, but they aren't right? I'm drooling right now....