Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exciting Finds

I'm  fairly new to Pyrex collecting , I got the fever when I moved to a small town in Maine and started to see Pyrex in all the thrift / antique shops. I've made quite a collection in a short time but I do have a few extra special pieces that I stumbled across. 

My first is the ever so wanted Gooseberry refrigerator set... less than $20.00 for all four with lids in perfect shape....

Another fun one was a mixing bowl with the Gold/Orange arches....Love this one... so very different.... I think I paid $3.00 for it.

But my pride and joy (to date) is a JAJ dish I came across in a thrift shop. It was off to the side being over looked by all. I was so very excited and didn't care that it was $6.00. Which I know isn't much but I try not to pay more than $5.00 per piece. This rules keeps me from going crazy on Ebay or any other site :)


Happy Pyrexing to all..... 

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  1. You are in good company... it's easy to get the fever here! There must be a run on the Gooseberry fridgies - I also just found a full set :) Love your JAJ dish.

  2. Great find!!! I wish I could find some Gooseberry Fridgies! Pyrex is scarce here right now.


  3. So great! The prices are amazing :)