Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seeing Stars in Intercourse, PA

*Sigh* Oh mama! I picked my way through PA (Blueball, Bird in Hand, Intercourse) and found super treasures!!! PS who named these towns?!

Some places were overflowing with high-priced pyrex, much of which I left behind. But, when middle-of-the-road prices surfaced... I bit! Maybe more like chomped after some digging and wheelin' n' dealin' by my father. And if I do say so, we hit the jackpot!

3 desert dawn bakers
1 BG cinderella bowl
2 pink mixing bowls
2.5qt BG casserole
BG large fridgie
Turquoise sugar and creamer
Huge 4qt snowflake blue casserole
1 turquoise snowflake spacesaver
Large wheat casserole
7 BG saucers
1 BG margarine dish
1 turquoise large fridgie
2 yellow gooseberry bowls
3 pink laurel bowls

I think that's everything...

Like most pyrexics, I desperately wanted the starburst casserole. Searched high and low. The beautiful light turquoise hue, the shiny silvery star...*so dreamy, so retro*

... and!

Underneath a pyrex pile, there it was! She was asking $80. I also wanted a desert dawn 1.5 baker- got both for $70! And literally, I felt weak in the knees. Judge me if you want to. I'm ok with it.

Now, it isn't 100% perfect, I'd say 90% though. Some burned edges and small scratches you can see in pics.

Overall, we spent a small fortune. But, I have satisfied my pyrex needs. For now :)

Happy Pyrexing!
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  1. When my sister and I first started collecting, we would do the exact same, buy, and buy more. Well, pretty soon we ran ourselves out of space and sold a lot of our not-so-favorite pieces and duplicates at our garage sale last summer. Now, I have more room to collect my beloved pink & turquoise! I love that giant 4 quart casserole. I have never seen a piece that size! Can't wait to see what you do with it.


    1. It is so hard to pass things up! I am kind of out of room too haha but I figure since I am getting married next year it is less to register for (since I prefer vintage dishware, everything else for registry will be linens, towels etc). Can't wait to use them! Ill keep you updated :)

  2. Love them all. Glad to see you got a piece you so much desired.

  3. Congrats on the starburst! It's great to finally check that one off your list. Those towns are almost my neck o the woods, should check them out sometime!

  4. Wow... you definitely added to your collection! Love the snowflake space saver and the turquoise fridge dish. Those places are great for a day trip - they're not too far from me either.

    1. There was soooo much to choose from! Dangerous :)

  5. Congrats on finding your Starburst! You really found quite a variety of patterns. I've seen the big casserole called a "Big Bertha" - fitting name, cause it looks huge!

  6. I have serious pyrex envy! What a great haul! I really want that starburst-I've never seen one in the wild, hopefully someday!

    1. I was becoming a crazy person over it, and finalllllyyyyy found it! Your day will come!

  7. You seriously made me laugh when I saw the names of the towns where you found your amazing Pyrex treasure! I agree with your comment: "Who names these towns?" - way too funny! (I'm still laughing!) :)

  8. Hahaha! I giggled like a fool at that name! I'm so jealous and thrilled with your awesome haul!

    1. There were other riskay names like Virginville and Paradise. Crazy!