Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Great Gravy Boat Giveaway

I'm not exactly sure when THIS...

... turned into all of THIS: 

But I do know that I need to cull the collection, somewhat. 

In my first post on the collective, I mentioned how I scored that Pink Daisy casserole for only $5. What I neglected to mention was how I found that little Butterfly Gold 401 pictured above soon after, and that's really when the collection kicked off. 

I'm still not sure how I acquired so much, particularly in such a small kitchen. 

To celebrate my six-month blogiversary on my own blog, I'm giving away a Butterfly Gold gravy boat and underplate. Just head over to Typing Sunflowers, to the Great Gravy Boat Giveaway, and a leave a comment on that post for your chance to win!

Contest is open to anyone until April 30th. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on my blog May 1st. 

(And yes, contest is open to those outside of the USA. I travel a lot, and I believe Pyrex should be available in all countries. In fact, I'm feeling so generous, that I'll even pay for the shipping.)


  1. I have the same problem. I started with a bowl. Which became a shelf.
    Which expanded to a vintage kitchen cart.
    Which grew to a small vintage shelving unit. Which split to refill the cart.
    Which reunited for a very large book shelf. Which split again to include the small shelf.
    Which split yet again to re-include the cart.
    Seriously, Pyrex is taking over my life.

    1. This made me laugh! I told someone today I didn't think I had a big collection and she said anyone with over eight pieces of anything has a collection. I think we're all in trouble... Good luck finding a place for yours!