Friday, April 5, 2013

A Bright Day: Daisy!

So how have you all been? It seems so slow around here lately. It is that nice spring weather we are having. Sorry if you still have some snow, I know my mom does, but I m lucky to live here in sunny SoCal.

Speaking of sun I found this orange 043 this week. No lid. I am almost certain it goes with the Daisy (citrus) collection. One day I will come across the lid.It is so bright. I love it.

I also found a 444 Pink Gooseberry. Guess I will try to complete this set since I have the 441.

And for all you that still have some snow. I found a snowflake. 

I also found a set of Autumn Harvest, that I did not buy. You can see the price of the set, and have a good laugh over at

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  1. Snowing here today! And the real thing (not Pyrex) :(