Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter Bunny brought me Pyrex

Hope you all had a happy Easter.  I was fortunate to receive a visit from my parents over the weekend and my Mom brought me this Easter “chocolate coloured” gift.

I believe it to be the 441 from the Town & Country Cinderella set.
My parents received the full set as a wedding gift almost 49 years ago, but with time and use, the other bowls are no longer around.  There would have been a yellow, an orange and a white patterned bowl with this brown one.

I'm sure you'll understand that this is a pretty special Pyrex piece for me.  I remember Mom using this bowl all the time when I was growing up and even recently.

This was way better than any chocolate I could've received (and that says a lot for me!)

And added bonus – Dad helped put up a shelf for my solid coloured Pyrex – not many pieces yet, but getting there.

Because I'm weary about pricing and shipping costs, my pieces are found locally so far.
Add these to my other pieces (see hereherehere and a few more), and my collection is growing slowly but surely.  They're just so pretty, colourful and useful!

What about you, how was your Easter?  Was the Easter Bunny good to you?



  1. That is really special that your mom gave you her bowl -- lovely! (And very funny about the chocolate...)

  2. I love pyrex bowls. I think I need a few for my kitchen.......

  3. What a sweet Easter gift! My mom found the patterned one the other day. I see it a lot, hopefully you can complete your set soon.