Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I almost cried

I've been spending the last week on my friends farm while she is on vacation. Feeding dogs, chickens , ducks and geese. Everyday I go into the barn to let the chicken, ducks, geese out, feed and water them. But today out of the corner of my eye I spotted something... a gleam of white a familiar shape.
Do my eyes deceive me!!!??????
OMG is not!!!????
Oh no...... oh yes it is .... It's a 441 yellow Butterprint bowl !
What do I do??? Save it from its demise? Would she notice it was missing? Does she even know its there? Does she know she owns this lovely bowl? My head spins... I'm dizzy and confused.
I had to step back... take a deep breath. My thoughts run to the bowl , bowl, what bowl... she'll never know its gone. I can hide it she comes to visit or say it was a steal from the local thrift shop.
The little devil on my shoulder keeps whispering... take it .... take it, but the angle on the other side reminds me she's my friend and stealing even in this case is I walk away. Knowing that the bowl will one day end up back in her lovely kitchen with her other Pyrex bowls. But at least for now its safe.. its in the barn where no one can break it, safe from the many animals and the elements. Its all good, I know one day it will be all shiny again, safe back in the house nested in with the others.

Happy Pyrexing to all


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  1. I'd ask to have it and offer to get her a replacement

  2. Or I'd offer to pay her for it like $10

  3. Oh my!!!!! Does she even know how rare that is?? I would have fell over if I saw that!

  4. I'm proud of you - I'm glad the angel on your shoulder won! :)

  5. I would replace it (with say a forest fancies, LOL) while you are taking care of the animals and when she gets back, say you couldn't leave that beauty out there and offer to pay her for it.

  6. Oh my! ...with the others ...?? You mean she has a full set of these?

  7. OMGggg - I'm sure your friend is lovely, but you MUST save that bowl!!! She would totally let you have it-- you did her a favor already... and u could offer to replace it with a glasbake :) give this beauty a good home!!!!!!!!

  8. Every bowl has a story.


    Yeah, replace it with Glasbake!

  9. Replacing with glass bake is genius!

  10. Hahaha, rescue that thing! Glassbake it a perfect replacement! I love how we all are so nutty about this!