Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tea for 1

What a day! I ventured out to a large flea market here in SoCal.  No one was taking offers today. It was sad. I did manage to come home with 3 things.  

One of which is a tea pot. 

I am super excited about it. It has a great little story to go with it, I bought it from someone semi-famous. Wanna see who it is check out TMHH - Tea Pot Post

I also came across a Golden Rose. It is very pretty in person. 

Hopefully more Pyrex starts popping up around here. Everything I have seen I either have or don't want to pay antique store prices.  At least I finished the 470 series Spring Blossom today.  I am sick of not finding massive scores. I need that rush bad!


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