Saturday, February 15, 2014

Latest Finds (Hint: My Heart Raced)

I did some hunting this past Thursday and Friday. Thursday my husband went in to a Goodwill while he was out and about on business and found a Pink Daisy 043; I already have one so I am going to try and trade it for another piece on my wish list. That same day the owner of one of my favorite "hidden" junk shops (she keeps a list of things people are looking for, and you know I am in it) called and told me she had "some blue pyrex with little people" and did I want to come take a look? Well yes, I did. Even though I am not a huge fan of Butterprint I know I can trade it later on. The Pink Daisy Open Baker was amazing! I am awaiting a trade for the 045 in this print an then, I am happy to say, I will have every Pink Daisy piece. I can't pass up a 503, especially with a lid, so the Spring Blossom jumped in my cart and came home with me.

Looking at this picture, can you tell what made me so joyous?

Yes, a Black Rooster 575 SpaceSaver.

My husband and I had gone out to lunch for Valentine's Day, once again to our favorite restaurant. On the way home we hit some thrift stores, just as we had done the previous week after having lunch on Friday at this restaurant. Do you see a trend here? Last week I found my Snowflake Open Baker, this week, the Black Rooster. I told him we will have to keep going back every Friday, it is a lucky charm.

Anyway, he waited in the car while I ran into the thrift. I almost passed out when I saw it on the shelf. I grabbed it and clutched it tightly, then took a picture, then flipped it over for the price: $4. Well, it just so happens that it was customer loyalty card day, so I saved 25%, making it a grand total of $3 and change for tax. My heart was racing so fast! I went out of the store, crossed the parking lot in my patented "I am so excited with my find so I will run-walk" to my husband in the car, and started kind of yelling to get my husband's attention. He looked up, I held up the dish, cracked a huge grin, got in the car, and just kind of did a little OMGing in a very excited manner.

Happy hunting!



  1. Awesome! I love the run-walk... I can picture it :)

  2. Yay! Another great set of finds!!!!