Saturday, September 8, 2012

Promotional Piece: Regency

This was a great find today at a local antique store... My 7-year old loves spotting unique patterns, and she was so excited about this one!
After a search, I found that this is a 1965 promotional piece known as Regency (pyreXfiles).
It is an 043 1-1/2 qt casserole.
Perfect for some fall decorating!


  1. Very pretty! It looks like wallpaper that would have been in a beautiful manor or something.

  2. Very pretty- just in time for fall! Great find!

  3. I just found this today and couldnt find any information on it on pyrex love, thanks for helping me out!

  4. That's awesome!! I tried there first too, the pyrexfiles seems to have more information on some of those unique promotional pieces.